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What’s a “Sticky Wicket”?

A graceful, unique and practical addition to your landscape, completely handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California.

This garden border system is hand-forged from 1/2" wrought iron, and adapts to a wide variety of landscaping styles -- it will work as well with a Southwestern desert landscape as an English country garden.

How They Work

Sticky Wickets are easy to work with because they are based on a very simple concept -- each wicket is a hoop, similar to a croquet wicket (hence the name, of course!), punched through with a specially-designed hole. Each wicket passes through the next, creating a very strong, linked-chain effect. Installation instructions ar further down this page.


A Practical Garden Addition

Sticky Wickets adapt easily to even tight curves, and with the addition of corner and decorative end units, provide a finished look for any landscape application.

Installed properly, the wickets lock together to create a border that is extremely strong and stable -- sturdy enough to keep a hose from dragging across plantings, or encourage pets and children to stay out of flowerbeds.

Sticky Wickets are available in three lengths. For more information on heights see below, in our price list.

Sticky Wickets Home Page |  Installing |  Prices |  Ordering Information |  Freedom Forge Home Page

Installation: As Easy As 1-2-3

Start by placing the first wicket. Push it straight down into the ground. Then take the next wicket and slide it through the hole in the first, as shown. Line up the ends of the second wicket with the first as you are angling it down, so that the line stays even. Make sure that the points are angled straight down, and then push it firmly into the ground, just like the first. Push until highest points of both wickets are even. Then just repeat until your border is complete!

Available in Two Finishes

The basic finish is basic black iron, coated with a protective polymer sealer. The wickets can be left as is, in which case they will eventually oxidize and age to a rusty red-brown, or the sealer also acts as a protective base coat for painting to match your landscape's color scheme.

Since they are basically unprotected steel, the lIfespan of polymer-sealed wickets left unpainted will vary between ten and one hundred years, according to your climate and the moisture content of the soil in which they are embedded.

We also offer Sticky Wickets with a matte-silver galvanized finish. The galvanized style carries a lifetime guarantee, because this process protects the wickets against rust and corrosion. Galvanized wickets can also be painted to match your color scheme.

If you plan to paint your wickets, we recommend that you wait until after installation, or at least plan to touch them up, as some paint will chip during the installation process.

Sticky Wickets Home Page |  Installing |  Prices |  Ordering Information |  Freedom Forge Home Page

Sizes and Prices

Special Introductory Sale Price! -- all prices shown are per wicket

 Natural SteelGalvanized
SMALL (10" - 12")  
   1 - 507.458.95
   51 - 1006.457.95
MEDIUM (15" - 18")  
   1 - 509.9511.95
   51 - 1008.4510.45
TALL (26" - 30")  
   1 - 5012.4514.95
   51 - 10010.4512.95

To calculate how many wickets your project will need, figure one wicket per ten inches of border needed. Applicable sales tax and shipping added to each order.

Call us for pricing on corners, custom pieces, or large quantity discounts.

How to Order

Contact Freedom Forge (info below) for further information, order forms, or to place phone orders.

On-line ordering is on the way! Stay tuned for developments, and in the meantime, please call or email us -- we promise to respond promptly.

Call or fax: 831-427-3422

Snail mail:
Freedom Forge
Sticky Wickets Dept.
1505 Bulb Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062